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Keren Chaya Sarah Fund

In Memory of Chaya Sarah Shucht

388 RT 306

Monsey, NY 10952



Dear Friends, 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donations to our fund in memory of our beloved daughter, Chaya. The Keren Chaya Sarah Fund is administered as a part of Gemach Keren Hachesed of Monsey. As part of their service they arrange for this fund to lend money to many families to help with emergencies, to help pay bills, and even to help some start their own businesses. As Gemach loans are repayed the monies are again lent out to other needy causes thus assuring a constant merit for our beloved Chaya’s soul.  

We would love to continue raising money for even more mitzvos to emanate from this special fund. It is a unique opportunity for all of us to enable Chaya’s soul to ascend to higher levels.

Each year as Chaya’s Yurzeit approaches, just three days before Rosh Hashana, please join us in performing this tremendous mitzvah of giving tzedakah (Charity) . May it be blessing for us all. 

With much thanks and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

The address for mailing donations is


Keren Chaya Sarah

388 RT 306

Monsey NY 10952


Or you can donate by Clicking Here and go to the bottom of page and use your credit card.






Moshe and Tzipi Shucht